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How can you protect privacy in a high asset divorce?

Divorce can carry a heavy toll on couples dissolving their union. Commonly, financial, emotional and mental anguish are the greatest concerns for divorcing couples in Ohio, however, for those going through a high asset divorce, there might be some concerns regarding the details of the divorce. A high net worth divorce or a celebrity dissolution are commonly reported in the media, and having details about the relationship and dissolution could be detrimental for the couple.

Richard Gere and Estranged Wife Fighting Over Money in Divorce

It is not uncommon for residents in Ohio and elsewhere in the nation to follow the lives of celebrities. The media will often showcase their personal life, allowing the general public to get a glimpse of his or her relationships. This often includes marriage as well as break ups and divorce. A celebrity divorce, while attractive to tabloids and other media sources, could be a very complex matter due to the marital assets involved and the difficulties being in the public eye could add to the situation.

Including a Financial Advisor in a High Asset Divorce

Navigating any type of problem alone can be troublesome, but for those going through a divorce, especially a high asset divorce, going at it alone could result in overlooked issues and even financial mistakes. In addition, the emotions often involved in dissolution proceedings could cloud the judgment and decisions made by a spouse. Therefore, Ohio spouses going through a high asset divorce should consider involving a financial advisor in the process.

Asset Protection in a High-Asset Divorce

During the dissolution process, spouses in Ohio and other states across the nation often spend much time sorting through their belongings and determining who gets what. Even in the simplest divorces, this process could be challenging. In a high-asset divorce, the property division process could be very complex, leading to lengthy disputes. In some matters, a spouse will take measures to ensure that their assets and property are protected. This is often done through the drafting of a prenuptial agreement, but asset protection could also be accomplished through other documents as well.

Preparing Spouses for a High Asset Divorce in Ohio

Married couples often prepare themselves for the events life could bring. Whether it is saving to buy a home or deciding to expand their family, couples are often able to work together and prepare for the event. Our firm understands that it is often challenging for couples in Ohio to prepare for a divorce. While some might suspect that dissolution might be imminent due to marital problems, it could be very overwhelming and difficult to sort through the details of a divorce. This is especially true during a high asset divorce when it is crucial to pay close attention to the full financial picture while they sort through marital assets and property.

Dealing with stock options and restricted stock in a divorce

When a couple determines that their marital issues outweigh their happiness, it often means that dissolution is their best option. Married couples in Ohio understand that the divorce process includes numerous challenges and obstacles. A high asset divorce is especially challenging due to potentially complex property division and disputes surrounding marital assets. Divorcing spouses should ensure that they do not overlook any important issues, property or assets during their divorce. This will help promote a more effective and time-efficient resolution of the divorce case.

Divorce Myths Debunked

If you were one of the many people who decided to file for divorce in January (after all, this is the month where more divorces are initiated than any other), you have probably encountered some strong opinions about your decision. Some may believe that you should have tried harder to save the marriage, others will wonder how it will affect the children (if there are kids in the marriage). Regardless of what people say, few can understand the difficulty of being in a dying marriage than those who are in them.

Dealing with a Former Spouse's Tax Issues

Avoiding tax time drama is one of the things that divorcees may not think about when first planning for divorce, but it could be a real issue once it is time to file tax returns. This could be especially important for parties who had no input or financial contributions towards the couple's income, and would have no idea if the filing they signed were correct. Under federal law, these people can be held jointly liable for tax fraud, even though they were unwitting participants. In these situations, it is important to understand the defenses to such a crime.

Helpful Tips for New Year's Resolutions

January is arguably the most popular month for divorces for a reason. Many people in troubled marriages have survived another tumultuous holiday season and want to move on in the New Year, and some believe that life-changing actions must be taken quickly if they are to make any changes at all in 2014.

If You Are Thinking about Divorce During the Holidays, Read This

There are a number of reasons why people get stressed out during the holidays. Some worry about being able to afford presents (or trying to buy a popular toy that quickly goes out of stock), others worry about being able to stand pretentious in-laws. Yet some people worry about keeping secrets; specifically those in troubled relationships.

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