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Is all property divisible in a divorce?

If you file for legal separation or divorce in Ohio, you and your spouse have a host of factors to discuss when creating a divorce settlement. One of the common issues you may come up against is that of property division. It can be extremely difficult for couples to separate all of the items they accumulated during the course of the marriage. Property that is eligible for division, otherwise known as marital property, includes items such as gifts given to one another during the marriage, expensive antique collections, tax refunds, former employer benefits, copyright royalties, stocks, 401K plans and many more. However, not all items are able to be divided in the divorce settlement.

Understanding collaborative divorce

At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, in Ohio, we realize that divorce is never easy. Your dreams of marital bliss have crashed, you face an uncertain future and you feel highly stressed and upset. You do not want to fight with your spouse, and in all likelihood (s)he feels the same way. You both fear, however, that divorce is not only a fight, but also a long and expensive fight.

Dealing with various complications in military divorce

At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, we realize that every divorce is complicated. However, we also know that some divorces are more complicated than others. For example, in the case of military divorce, our clients must typically deal with not only Ohio, but also the federal regulations that regulate military partnerships.

Do Ohio grandparents have visitation rights?

As an Ohio grandparent, you may wish to gain legal visitation with your grandchild for any number of reasons. Maybe the relationship between the child’s parents has soured, and you have fears about it impacting your relationship with your grandchild. Maybe your grandchild’s parents were never in a formal relationship at all, but you want to maintain ties to your grandchild. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting formal grandparent visitation, know that Ohio courts may grant it if your situation meets some specific criteria.

Using the right techniques to tell children about divorce

For divorcing couples in Ohio, the important decisions to be made regarding their future may seem to be coming endlessly and at lightning speed. For couples who have had children together, this could be even more the case as they negotiate child custody and try to help their children understand why they have made the decision to separate. Because every child is different, some couples may find they have to approach the topic of divorce differently with each child and in a way that is complementary to his or her age and comprehension. 

Can I see my grandchildren if their parents are divorced?

Ohio grandparents, you may feel left out when your children start having children and building their own families. Ideally, they will keep you an active part of their lives, but what happens when one of the children divorces or succumbs to a serious illness?

Requesting a change to an Ohio child support order

If you are currently paying child support in Ohio and have recently experienced a change in circumstances, you may have questions about whether the change will affect the amount of child support you must pay to your child’s other parent. At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, we have a firm understanding of how the child support modification process works in Ohio, and we have helped many parents in their attempts to modify their child support payments to make them more manageable.

Who gets an LLC in a divorce?

In Ohio divorces, courts divide shared assets equally between the two former spouses. This means that nearly anything, from your bank accounts to your home, might be subject to division. While this process might be relatively straightforward when it comes to a simple asset, such as a joint savings account you and your spouse might hold, it tends to become complicated very quickly with mixed assets, business holdings or high-asset situations. 

Is there bias in custody cases?

As you head to an Ohio court for your divorce case, you may be worried about how custody will be handled. This is often a very emotional part of the proceedings for most people. There are a lot of things that are said about custody hearings. One is that the courts always side with the mother, granting her custody and slamming the father with huge child support payments. However, this bias is not really seen anymore. Instead, the courts have a new agenda when determining child custody cases.

What can affect alimony payments?

If you are divorced and were ordered by an Ohio court to pay alimony, it is important to understand the different rules surrounding spousal support. Changes in your life or the life of your ex-spouse could change your alimony requirements. The Ohio Bar Association notes that the courts generally handle alimony on a case-by-case basis but the law does specify certain situations that could affect it.

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