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Joint custody and children's best interest

Children's needs often take top priority for parents. The moment a little one enters a family, he or she may become a central focus, gaining unlimited attention and care. If Ohio couples start having conflict, though, children's needs may lose their central place in family life. When families split, however, it is important for parents to keep the kids' best interests at the forefront when making future plans.

New developments in custody law

Ohio law is comprehensive when it comes to child custody decisions. However, that does not mean that there is a rule on record for every possible situation. When new social needs arise, the law must adapt while remaining guided by the principles on which it is founded. 

Is it possible to avoid common custody issues?

When it comes to sharing the custody of a child in Ohio, the responsibility lies with you and the child's other parent to ensure the arrangement is trouble-free. This can be quite difficult, especially if your divorce or break up was hard. However, avoiding common custody issues can make things easier for everyone, especially the children. 

What is a deadbeat dad?

You have probably heard the term "deadbeat dad" before. This is something that is bantered about in Ohio rather freely, but many people really do not use the term correctly or even understand what it actually means. It is a derogatory label that can be quite hurtful, and when used incorrectly, can give a person a bad reputation. 

The Steps to Take Before Filing for Divorce

5 Crucial Steps to Take Before Filing for Divorce

In a perfect world, every marriage would last for eternity. Unfortunately, people often grow apart over time, and divorce is sometimes unavoidable. While most divorces typically are not amicable, you still control your behavior throughout the entire divorce process. Therefore, you need to remain levelheaded and develop a logical plan for you and your children moving forward.

Parenting Disputes That Ohio Family Courts Will Not Touch

With a month of the 2013-2014 school year nearly complete, divorcing and separated parents may have finally settled into a routine. Now comes the difficult part: parent-teacher conferences, decisions about Halloween and holiday parties and costs for extracurricular activities. For parents in the midst of a separation, these decisions may be more difficult with the emotional battles being waged.

How Can You Establish a Visitation Schedule?

For divorcing parents in Ohio, their children are a major concern during the divorce process and post-divorce. While divorce changes some of the details of a parent-child relationship, it does not have to change the dynamics of that relationship. In order to focus on the needs of the child while also considering the realities of the work and personal lives of each parent, it is important for each parent to detail what a visitation schedule will look like for them.

Addressing the needs of a child during a child custody dispute

The divorce process in itself is a difficult time, but when children are involved, new and more challenging divorce issues can present themselves. Whether a parent seeks more time with a child or seeks to fulfill the child's financial needs, these problems relating to the children are crucial ones to address.

Chris Rock, Estranged Wife in Child Custody Dispute

When children are involved in the divorce process, it could mean a complex dissolution is in the offing. Married couples in Ohio understand the complications deciding a child custody arrangement can bring to the situation. Moreover, when it comes to divorce, child custody disputes tend to be highlighted, making an already difficult situation more challenging. No matter who the parents are or how many children are involved, the best interests of a child should always be the focal point of a custody agreement and should not be used as a way to get back at an ex-spouse.

Ohio Grandparents Seeking Custody of Grandsons in Mississippi

When parents are separated or divorced, the children involved could be greatly affected. While some would be quick to assume that both or one parent would obtain shared or primary custody of the child or children, this is not always the case. Based one findings and the best interest of the child, a parent could lose custody of their child. If the Department of Children Services removes a child from the custody of a parent, it is common for other relatives to step up to the plate. Specifically, grandparents' rights could be invoked in order to obtain child custody of their grandchildren.

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