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Are you facing a 'Gray Divorce?'

While overall the divorce rate in America is dropping, one segment of the population is bucking this trend — senior citizens. In the past three decades, the divorce rate for those 51 and older has doubled. For senior citizens older than 65, the rates are even higher.

Preparing for mediation can help you work through it

Divorce mediation sessions can be difficult to handle. These require you to negotiate with your ex to come up with the terms of the divorce. You won't necessarily have to work directly with your ex but even working with the mediator might be a challenge. Still, it may be preferable when you consider that the other option is to go through a trial that would allow the court to make decisions about the case.

The cost of domestic violence

Domestic violence can take many forms. People incorrectly assume that victims of domestic violence walk around with visible signs of their tortured home life plastered all over their body. Besides the physical beatings, it is common for abusers to exert their control using psychological, sexual, verbal and financial abuse. Power and control are what fuels an abuser and they will use any means necessary to maintain their dominant position.

Remember to change your estate plan after divorce

There are a significant number of issues to resolve in divorce. One issue that can be easily overlooked is your estate plan. While not usually front-of-mind in divorce, it is important that people going through divorce discuss their estate plan, particularly if they are one of the many people going through divorce after 50.

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