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Using the right techniques to tell children about divorce

For divorcing couples in Ohio, the important decisions to be made regarding their future may seem to be coming endlessly and at lightning speed. For couples who have had children together, this could be even more the case as they negotiate child custody and try to help their children understand why they have made the decision to separate. Because every child is different, some couples may find they have to approach the topic of divorce differently with each child and in a way that is complementary to his or her age and comprehension. 

According to Today's Parent, people who are going through a divorce can create a solid foundation for their children to cope in ways that are healthy and effective by doing three things:

  • Focusing on parenting techniques that are positive, consistent and effective. 
  • Building their relationship with each child and encouraging each child to maintain a relationship with his or her other parent too.
  • Minimizing all conflict and avoid gossiping or complaining about their ex and his or her behavior. 

Staying focused on one's children may help people to maintain a realistic perspective of the emotional stress their child may be feeling. On, people can find some other suggestions for helping their children cope with divorce including offering support, encouraging them to be honest and open about their feelings and keeping themselves healthy so they can care for their children the best way possible during an often-difficult time. They may also consider working with a professional counselor or psychologist who can provide insight for how they can help their children work through their feelings in ways that are healthy and productive.   

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