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Can I see my grandchildren if their parents are divorced?

Ohio grandparents, you may feel left out when your children start having children and building their own families. Ideally, they will keep you an active part of their lives, but what happens when one of the children divorces or succumbs to a serious illness?

Questions about how involved you can continue to remain in your grandchildren's lives will likely surface in the wake of either event; however, you can stay relatively confident of your role if you have already established a relationship with them. 

Keeping in mind the courts are always considering what is in the best interest of the child, you should also note that in Ohio judges have, according to the Ohio General Assembly, granted "grandparent companionship or visitation rights by statute in three circumstances":

  1. Separation or divorce of the child's parents
  2. Birth of a child to an unmarried woman
  3. Death of a parent

If your grandchild has experienced the divorce or death of his or her parents or if he or she was born to an unwed mom, the chances of you continuing to spend time together seem fairly good, according to previous rulings.

Other factors judges will consider along with children's best interest include their health, safety and well-being. When considering how much time to allow you together, courts also factor in the distance from your house to theirs and the time you all have available. In addition, the ages of the children determine the amount of input they have, but judges like to hear from kids about what they want.

This information solely aims to educate regarding grandparents' rights and does not offer legal advice. 

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