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Single parents: Why you should always keep a parenting journal

Single parents invariably cherish the time they spend with their children, and what better way to remember this time than by keeping notes and photos in a parenting journal?

Such a parenting journal will be an excellent way to safeguard your memories for the future. It will also be a record of your parenting activities, which could serve as valuable court evidence to back up legal claims one day.

What to include in your parenting journal

In order to make sure that your parenting journal is as complete and accurate as possible, here are a few things to record in it:

  • Any time the other parent is late to pick up or drop of your child.
  • Missed visits and cancellations of appointments by the other parent.
  • Trips to the doctor and other medical information.
  • Discussions you've had about your child with the other parent.
  • Your child's emotions and mood relating to the other parent.
  • Your child's behavioral changes.
  • Issues that you'd like to address with the other parent about your child.
  • How your child is performing in school and extracurricular activities.
  • The milestones of development achieved by your child.
  • Things you want to remember about your child.
  • Photographs, awards and other achievements.
  • Activities you enjoyed with your child on that particular day.

Where to record the information

Some parents may want to buy a special diary or notebook to record their parenting journal inside. Some parents might simply make notes in their cellphone's notes or calender, or they may want to jot information down on a wall calendar.

It's not as important where you keep your parenting journal as it is important that you actually keep one. Find your way with it, get creative and be consistent and regular with your diary entries to ensure that you have the most accurate record possible.

When your parenting journal will be useful

You might not think that it could ever happen to you, but if your parenting rights ever get challenged, you may be pressed to prove your contributions as a parent in court. A detailed parenting journal will be extraordinarily helpful to prove your activities as a parent in this regard. Your parenting journal could also come in handy if you need to show a record of the other parent's failures or inadequacies as a parent.

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