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New developments in custody law

Ohio law is comprehensive when it comes to child custody decisions. However, that does not mean that there is a rule on record for every possible situation. When new social needs arise, the law must adapt while remaining guided by the principles on which it is founded. 

Currently, judges consider the facts of a case with regard to several prescribed priorities. The FindLaw page on child custody and divorce lists a number of these concerns:

  • The stated preference of the parents
  • Any mature child's preferences
  • The quality of the relationship between the child and the proposed guardians

There are many other custody issues, but they tend to be specific to divorce. 

Divorce cases are occasionally groundbreaking, but these situations are few and far between. One of the more revolutionary cases in the past few months deals with custody under different circumstances: A child's desire to enter into the custody of his grandparents. There are, of course, systems in place to facilitate this type of move. The unconventional element in this case is that the child's reason for changing guardians is to pursue gender therapy.

WCPO Cincinnati reports on the judge's decision in the case, specifically that the grandparents were awarded custody. While this might not be relevant to a wide swath of Ohio residents, the ruling does show the lengths to which a court might be willing to go in order to ensure a decision meets the best interests of a child.

The laws in Ohio are always changing in response to new situations. Anyone interested in these matters should follow this custody dispute as it develops.

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