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Preparing for mediation can help you work through it

Divorce mediation sessions can be difficult to handle. These require you to negotiate with your ex to come up with the terms of the divorce. You won't necessarily have to work directly with your ex but even working with the mediator might be a challenge. Still, it may be preferable when you consider that the other option is to go through a trial that would allow the court to make decisions about the case.

One of the best things that you can do when you know that you have a mediation session coming up is to prepare for it. Consider these tips as you are getting ready for your upcoming mediation session:

Do your homework

Before you go into the mediation session, you should have an idea of what needs to be covered. Gathering financial documents and making lists of assets can help. You should go beyond surface level information. Find out the value of the assets you need to divide so that you can make informed decisions during the negotiations.

It might help you to create your budget before the session. This gives you an idea of what you can and can't afford on a regular basis. As you consider assets, think about the costs that you will incur to keep those assets. Things like the car payment, mortgage, insurance, taxes and upkeep can have a huge impact on your budget when you are reliant upon only your own income.

Remain calm

There is a chance that your ex will try to force you into making certain decisions. He or she might try to infuriate you, but you can get much more done if you remain calm throughout the process. Refer to the information you have from when you were preparing for the session.

Often, taking the time to think carefully about the options in the case might lead you to make decisions that are in your best interests. Keeping your rights and responsibilities in mind can also be beneficial.

Take a step back

If things get contentious during the mediation session, you can always ask to speak to the mediator alone. While the mediator can't make decisions about the case, he or she can steer the negotiations back to where they need to go. These conversations are confidential so what you say isn't going to be relayed to your ex. Having these private chats might help you tremendously during the session.

Just remember that the goal is to have your divorce taken care of as quickly as you can without forgetting that you have rights and deserve a good settlement.

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