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February 2018 Archives

Who gets an LLC in a divorce?

In Ohio divorces, courts divide shared assets equally between the two former spouses. This means that nearly anything, from your bank accounts to your home, might be subject to division. While this process might be relatively straightforward when it comes to a simple asset, such as a joint savings account you and your spouse might hold, it tends to become complicated very quickly with mixed assets, business holdings or high-asset situations. 

Why parents of the disabled should consider special needs trusts

As an Ohio parent of a disabled or special needs child, you face unique estate-planning considerations, but odds are, a primary goal is to see that your child’s needs are met once you pass on. Depending on the type and severity of your child’s disability, he or she may end up needing a lifetime of care after your passing, and one way to see that your child has everything he or she needs involves establishing a special needs trust. At King, Koligan & Associates, LLC, we understand the benefits of special needs trusts, and we have helped many parents navigate estate planning efforts on behalf of their special needs children.

Preparing for mediation can help you work through it

Divorce mediation sessions can be difficult to handle. These require you to negotiate with your ex to come up with the terms of the divorce. You won't necessarily have to work directly with your ex but even working with the mediator might be a challenge. Still, it may be preferable when you consider that the other option is to go through a trial that would allow the court to make decisions about the case.

Are you impacted by federal estate tax changes?

If you have an estate plan or are creating an estate plan in Ohio, you probably have heard about estate tax laws. While each state has their own laws, there are also federal laws to know and understand. Recently, a new federal estate tax law was passed, according to Forbes.

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