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Is there bias in custody cases?

As you head to an Ohio court for your divorce case, you may be worried about how custody will be handled. This is often a very emotional part of the proceedings for most people. There are a lot of things that are said about custody hearings. One is that the courts always side with the mother, granting her custody and slamming the father with huge child support payments. However, this bias is not really seen anymore. Instead, the courts have a new agenda when determining child custody cases.

According to Slate, the main focus of family courts now is trying to ensure both parents will be involved equally or as close to equally as possible in the children's lives. While in the past, it was thought mothers were the caregivers who put the most effort and time into raising the children and therefore made the better parent for custody rights, today's courts understand the importance of children having both parents in their lives.

So, when you go to court for your hearing, you need to be open to joint custody arrangements. The bias that exists now is for the parent who is willing to work together with the other parent. If your child's other parent is fighting any idea of working together, then you will most likely have the upper hand. 

One exception where mothers still have the advantage and the court shows a bias towards fathers is in a case where the parents were never married. So, if your girlfriend had a baby, it will be a bigger fight for you to get custody or even visitation. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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