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January 2018 Archives

Is there bias in custody cases?

As you head to an Ohio court for your divorce case, you may be worried about how custody will be handled. This is often a very emotional part of the proceedings for most people. There are a lot of things that are said about custody hearings. One is that the courts always side with the mother, granting her custody and slamming the father with huge child support payments. However, this bias is not really seen anymore. Instead, the courts have a new agenda when determining child custody cases.

Is it possible to avoid common custody issues?

When it comes to sharing the custody of a child in Ohio, the responsibility lies with you and the child's other parent to ensure the arrangement is trouble-free. This can be quite difficult, especially if your divorce or break up was hard. However, avoiding common custody issues can make things easier for everyone, especially the children. 

How is collaboration different from mediation?

You have probably heard about mediation being used in different family law situations in Ohio. It is a process that helps you work together with the other person to reach a resolution with minimal involvement from the court. There is another option that is similar to mediation called collaborative law. However, the two concepts differ in many ways. 

The cost of domestic violence

Domestic violence can take many forms. People incorrectly assume that victims of domestic violence walk around with visible signs of their tortured home life plastered all over their body. Besides the physical beatings, it is common for abusers to exert their control using psychological, sexual, verbal and financial abuse. Power and control are what fuels an abuser and they will use any means necessary to maintain their dominant position.

What can affect alimony payments?

If you are divorced and were ordered by an Ohio court to pay alimony, it is important to understand the different rules surrounding spousal support. Changes in your life or the life of your ex-spouse could change your alimony requirements. The Ohio Bar Association notes that the courts generally handle alimony on a case-by-case basis but the law does specify certain situations that could affect it.

Single parent estate planning tips

When it comes to estate planning, single parents in Ohio have some special concerns they need to think about. This is especially true if the child's other parent is not in the picture or if there are any issues with the child's other parent or other parent's family. Having a plan in place for what happens with children can give single parents a peace of mind.

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