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December 2017 Archives

What is a deadbeat dad?

You have probably heard the term "deadbeat dad" before. This is something that is bantered about in Ohio rather freely, but many people really do not use the term correctly or even understand what it actually means. It is a derogatory label that can be quite hurtful, and when used incorrectly, can give a person a bad reputation. 

Remember to change your estate plan after divorce

There are a significant number of issues to resolve in divorce. One issue that can be easily overlooked is your estate plan. While not usually front-of-mind in divorce, it is important that people going through divorce discuss their estate plan, particularly if they are one of the many people going through divorce after 50.

How does a collaborative divorce work?

If you are no longer happy in your marriage, you may be thinking of filing for a divorce. However, there is another option to consider that could help you avoid the delays, hassles and frustrations of going through an Ohio court. This option is called collaboration. According to the American Bar Association, it allows you to work with your partner under the advisement of an attorney to dissolve your marriage without involving the court.

What is the difference between divorce and dissolution?

If you wish to end your marriage in Ohio, you have two main options. These are divorce or dissolution. While they both will result in the legal end of your marriage, they are different in the approach and details. It is important to understand the difference so you can choose which option is best for your situation. 

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