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How Can I Make My Legal Separation a Divorce in Ohio?

Going through a separation can be incredibly tolling on your family and your emotions. Deciding to pursue a divorce is another experience that will alter your life and your family. Many people wonder, how can I make my legal separation a divorce?

The short answer?

File for divorce.

There are many different types of legal separations. One type is what we call "thoroughly completed," which means it would cost less than $1,500. When a divorce is thoroughly completed, everything involved has been decided and done, besides the actual granting of the divorce. In these cases, it does not take too much to complete the divorce, other than filing it, and then the court would grant it.

Legal separation can be incredibly tolling, emotionally. You may be in a state of limbo and not know where your relationship is going or if it has a future at all. If you're considering filing for divorce, your best option is to consult with an attorney who can explain to you what the next steps may be. A legal separation means that you and your spouse have made an agreement to live apart without being granted a divorce by the court.

The divorce process may take a while as children, finances, and property become involved.

Divorce in Southwest Ohio

Each state has different regulations for filing for a divorce, and Ohio is no exception. In southwest Ohio, each county has different regulations as well. The entire state of Ohio has the same determination for custody of children. It is called the Uniform Custody Child Jurisdiction Enforcement Act.

The local rules in Ohio vary from county to county, including how each court decides property division, how each court decides property division, how they grant spousal support, and how much child support the court would order.

Our attorneys can help you deal with the legal issues that come along with separation or divorce, including issues of child support or child custody.

If you're considering filing for divorce, do not hesitate to contact the experienced divorce attorneys at King, Koligian & Associates, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio. Call our office today.

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