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How Can You Establish a Visitation Schedule?

For divorcing parents in Ohio, their children are a major concern during the divorce process and post-divorce. While divorce changes some of the details of a parent-child relationship, it does not have to change the dynamics of that relationship. In order to focus on the needs of the child while also considering the realities of the work and personal lives of each parent, it is important for each parent to detail what a visitation schedule will look like for them.

How can you establish a visitation schedule? In cases where joint custody is awarded to the parents, it needs to be determined how parenting time will be divided up. Although parents will tend to focus on actual hours of time when it comes to fairness, it is important to consider the needs of a child and how the schedule will impact their life and own routine.

It is important to address major categories such as school days, weekends, holidays, vacations, medical issues, transportation to and from school and how issues will be communicated. Once these details are determined and how they will be alternated or shared, these agreements should be memorialized in a visitation schedule form.

Even when an agreement is made and initially agreed upon, changes can occur. This could lead to disputes arising due to different work demands or changes in the child's school and afterschool schedule. Modification is not a rare event to occur in child custody issues.

Those seeking to devise a visitation schedule should understand their legal rights and options. Resolving child custody disputes it crucial, especially for the children involved. Obtaining legal guidance could help a divorced parent address these or other divorce legal issues.

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