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April 2015 Archives

Divorce and Visitation Rights of Grandparents

While it is obvious that a divorce will immediately impact the spouses and their children, it is not uncommon for extended family member to be negatively affected by the dissolution as well. For grandparents in Ohio, when their child divorces they may encounter disputes regarding their interactions with their grandchildren. Even though dissolution is frequently a difficult time for children, it is important that grandparents understand their rights and how they interact with the best interests of the children.

How Can You Establish a Visitation Schedule?

For divorcing parents in Ohio, their children are a major concern during the divorce process and post-divorce. While divorce changes some of the details of a parent-child relationship, it does not have to change the dynamics of that relationship. In order to focus on the needs of the child while also considering the realities of the work and personal lives of each parent, it is important for each parent to detail what a visitation schedule will look like for them.

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