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Resolving Divorce Issues Through Collaborative Law

No matter the length of a union, when couples decide to end a marriage, the divorce process can be very demanding and require numerous decisions to be made. Despite that, it does not need to be an overly emotional, drawn-out battle filled with animosity, as many suspect it to be. Our law firm understands that the stereotypes of the divorce process can cause spouses in Ohio to fear and stress about marriage dissolution. But divorcing couples should understand they have options that could allow them to resolve their divorce issues in a cooperative manner.

An option that some divorcing spouses choose is a collaborative divorce. This dissolution process is an alternative to litigation and focuses on cooperation. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the process and could help a spouse navigate through the steps. We can offer resources and recommendations for those seeking to resolve their divorce issues in a flexible, creative and fair manner.

Our attorneys focus on the goals of the divorcing couple as well as the individual spouse seeking our assistance. We have years of experience dealing with this alternative dissolution method and could help a spouse determine whether it is an appropriate route for them.

Whether a couple seeks to negotiate their divorce issues, avoid drawn out disputes in the court room, save money or speed up the process, it is important that divorcing couples understand their rights and options so they can take appropriate action. In order to determine what method or methods are best for a divorcing spouse, our law firm's collaborative divorce process overview could serve as a useful tool. This could also help them focus on their needs and best interests in the divorce process, allowing them to determine which approach is most suitable.

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