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Using Collaborative Divorce During the Holidays

A recent blog discussed the challenges some Ohio families might face during the holidays. Divorced families means splitting up time spent with a child or children. While it is an obvious step that must be taken, it is also a step that could produce several disputes. In order to keep up with the spirit of the holidays and avoid unfortunate and emotional arguments about parenting time, divorced parents could consider different strategies to address this post-divorce issue.

The collaborative divorce process is often one considered by parents seeking to adjust divorce agreements such as a child custody order. Since life brings many changes, this could impact the schedules outlined in a custody agreement. In order to prompt these needed alterations without causes disputes, parents could use the collaborative approach to reach an amicable agreement.

There are several factors to consider when co-parenting. First, it is important to communicate effectively and express thoughts and feeling about the situation in a respectful manner. This will be conducive to the overall tone of the situation, allowing parents to reach an agreement more timely and effectively.

Next, parents should try to be flexible. The holidays are a time of happiness and joy, and in order to promote a good experience for everyone involved, it is best to "go with the flow" versus being strict about time, place and switch. It is best to have realistic expectations about the holidays but also recognize that it is okay to have emotions about the situation.

It is also crucial to structure activities. This will not only put the child on notice of the holiday plan but also keep them excited and positive about this time of year, despite their family being split. Depending on the co-parenting situation, the collaborative approach could be a great method to plan activities together as a family despite being divorced.

No family is the same and their situations are very unique, so it is important that any post-divorce disputes be worked out. No matter what method parents decide to use in order to address custody issues, they should take action in order to avoid negative impacts on the child.

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