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What Ohio collaborative divorce options are available?

The decision to get a divorce in Ohio is just the beginning of the process that will require countless decisions. In order to initiate the process, a spouse or the couple must not only file for divorce with the court, but also consider what method to use to get them to a divorce settlement to finalize their dissolution. Couples divorcing in Ohio often question what options are available to them and how do they decide what option is best for them.

When it comes to divorce, there are three main methods couples can utilize to reach their divorce decree. In some situations, litigation is used, especially when divorcing spouses do not see eye to eye and are dealing with a highly emotional dissolution filled with numerous disputes. In other situations, mediation is used. This helps spouses reach a more agreeable settlement while they negotiate the terms of their dissolution. Lastly, collaborative divorce could be used to allow spouses to work together to reach an amicable divorce.

The collaborative divorce process, a fairly new divorce method, provides an arena that promotes cooperation among the divorcing spouses, their attorneys and any specialists they bring into the process. Whether it is a financial expertise, a mental health specialist or a child specialist, using experts in the process could create an efficient and fair agreement.

Although collaborative divorce has been viewed as a successful option for divorcing couples, it will not be beneficial for those who are not able to fully or appropriately use the process. If disputes are frequent and spouses are standing their ground on some issues, an unfair divorce settlement would occur if they did not seek out other options. In some scenarios, divorcing couples will not just use one divorce method and could even use and forms at some point.

While at times it is the goal to reach a fair divorce settlement as quickly and as cheaply as possible, using time and money to frame how a divorce is to be handled could be counterintuitive. Understanding the options available to divorcing couples helps ensure the rights of everyone involved are upheld and their interests considered.

Source: Think Advisor, "Collaborative Divorce: A Win-Win Dissolution," Aug. 25, 2014

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