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Understanding How and When to Invoke Grandparents' Rights

Divorce not only affects the couple ending their marriage but also impacts other family members, especially when children are involved. In these matters, the parents of the divorcing couple may question how this life-changing event could affect them. Dissolution of a marriage could lead to disputes regarding visitation of grandchildren. Our law firm understands that divorce often includes more than just the splitting couple, and often grandparents seek to invoke their rights. Whether it is seeking visitation rights, custody rights or even filing for adoption, grandparents should understand what options they have and what route they can take.

Ohio Grandparents Seeking Custody of Grandsons in Mississippi

When parents are separated or divorced, the children involved could be greatly affected. While some would be quick to assume that both or one parent would obtain shared or primary custody of the child or children, this is not always the case. Based one findings and the best interest of the child, a parent could lose custody of their child. If the Department of Children Services removes a child from the custody of a parent, it is common for other relatives to step up to the plate. Specifically, grandparents' rights could be invoked in order to obtain child custody of their grandchildren.

Addressing Issues Common with a Child Custody Plan

When it comes to divorce, it is not only the spouses that are directly affected. Family members, friends and colleagues are often impacted by the process, but one group that is especially affected is children. Our firm understands that making major decisions regarding their children is very difficult for divorcing parents in Ohio. The process includes many issues and much to deal with; it can be challenging to remember all these decisions could impact their children, not just those regarding child custody.

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