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September 2014 Archives

How Is a Prenuptial Agreement Invalidated?

When couples in Ohio and states across the nation decide to marry, they can take steps to protect them both emotionally and financially. The couple can execute legal documents prior to the union, which can protect the couple in the case of a divorce down the road. A prenuptial agreement may be drafted prior to marriage and can include details that could ease the divorce process. While this document could prove to be very useful when properly drafted, if errors are made, this could impact the enforceability of the document.

Preparing Spouses for a High Asset Divorce in Ohio

Married couples often prepare themselves for the events life could bring. Whether it is saving to buy a home or deciding to expand their family, couples are often able to work together and prepare for the event. Our firm understands that it is often challenging for couples in Ohio to prepare for a divorce. While some might suspect that dissolution might be imminent due to marital problems, it could be very overwhelming and difficult to sort through the details of a divorce. This is especially true during a high asset divorce when it is crucial to pay close attention to the full financial picture while they sort through marital assets and property.

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