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Increase of Heroin Use Cited in Ohio Child Custody Cases

Parents often encounter numerous issues in the divorce process. Their most concerning family law issue usually revolves around their children. Establishing a desirable custody arrangements can prove to be rather challenging, especially if the divorcing parents cannot agree on the terms. Furthermore, more complex issues could present themselves and result in a complicated and lengthy child custody dispute.

Recent reports indicate that there has been a massive increase in heroin use being a factor in child custody cases in the state of Ohio. The state human services agency indicated that nearly 7,000 instances cited heroin in the custody cases heard last year. The report also indicated that the top drug cited in custody cases still remains cocaine, but the rate has been dropping over the past few years.

Citing drug use in a child custody case could lead to additional issues surrounding child abuse and neglect. This could result in the child receiving temporary or permanent placement with a parent or relative. Moreover, this could land a child in foster care while these serious issues are addressed.

The best interest of the child is always the controlling factor in a child custody dispute, and while removing a child from a home of a parent or both parents might be very difficult for everyone, in cases where illegal drugs or alcohol abuse are involved, taking them out of the negative situation could benefit them significantly.

Whether a parent seeks to gain permanent placement or primary custody of a child, seeking modification of a child custody arrangement could be complex. Any child can be affected by child custody disputes, and might require being removed from the situation temporarily. Those dealing with child custody issues can seek independent advice about their options so they can ensure the best interest of the child is protected.

Source: This Week Community news, "Heroin use increases in Ohio child-custody cases," June 25, 2014

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