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Biggest Mistake by Athletes Is Not Including a Prenup

For the rich and the famous, getting married sometimes seems to be a precursor to preparing for a divorce. This thought often makes conversations about a prenuptial agreement difficult and unpleasant, but taking the time to draft this legal document could protect both parties and save them some of the time and stress commonly associated with the dissolution process. Including a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in a marriage is not only for the wealthy but is also used by various couples in Cincinnati seeking to be prepared for divorce even if they do not see the process in their future.

Protecting Self During Collaborative Divorce

When a couple determines that they should call it quits, there are numerous things to consider during the divorce process. One of the first things to consider is how both parties are going to approach the process. For some, litigation is the best route. This may be because the spouses do not see eye-to-eye or they have a number of disputes. For others, a more cost effective way to reach an amicable divorce settlement is through a collaborative divorce.

Increase of Heroin Use Cited in Ohio Child Custody Cases

Parents often encounter numerous issues in the divorce process. Their most concerning family law issue usually revolves around their children. Establishing a desirable custody arrangements can prove to be rather challenging, especially if the divorcing parents cannot agree on the terms. Furthermore, more complex issues could present themselves and result in a complicated and lengthy child custody dispute.

Collaborating with One's Ex during Divorce Can Be Beneficial

When it comes to dissolution, there are various routes a divorcing couple can take. Ohio couples should understand their options and interests before establishing a divorce path. In some cases, spouses seek to avoid the high costs associated with the process. A collaborative divorce could be the best option for those who seek to lower the costs, avoid litigation and are able to collaborate and work together to reach a fair agreement. Although this process is not for everyone, it is often one that is suggested, attempted or sought-after.

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