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Including a Social Media Clause in a Prenuptial Agreement

For some couples in Ohio, the constraints created by a relationship could last long after the marriage. This often occurs when a prenuptial agreement is involved. The details of the legal document could explicitly spell out what a spouse can do in the relationship and after the divorce is finalized. This could lead to future complications, especially if some clauses contained in the document are very broad.

A growing trend with prenups is to include a social media clause. Specifically, this section dictates a spouse's ability to post or share pictures on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This can control a spouse's actions during the marriage as well as after dissolution. Furthermore, each party is able to customize this clause in the prenuptial agreement, causing it to be very broad.

The range of a social media clause could even include positive comments. Keeping the details of a relationship private is often a major concern. Moreover, preventing spiteful and negative actions is the main focus for including such terms in these marital contracts.

Prenuptial agreements are not just for wealthy and high profile couples. These documents can prove to be very resourceful and could provide extra protection when it comes to personal interests, as well as marital assets and property.

Those considering including a prenup in their marriage should understand how the document can function and in what ways it could benefit them. For divorcing couples who have a prenuptial agreement, it is crucial that they understand how the document operates, both during and after the process of a divorce.

Source: Fox News, "Prenups evolving to include new 'social media clause'," Kyle Rothenberg, June 22, 2014

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