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Three Steps to Take During Divorce Mediation

When couples in Ohio decide they can no longer be together, there are numerous decisions that must be tackled after they file for divorce. Establishing which method to use during the divorce will help determine how you will address these problems. Whether it is litigation, a collaborative divorce or mediation, each process includes steps that a spouse must take during dissolution. These steps could help them better overcome any divorce issues or family law problems, such as child custody.

When it comes to divorce mediation and decisions about custody, a recent report focuses on three steps that parents should take. Specifically, it boils down to using the components of the process to the benefit those involved. Reaching a compromise when constructing a parenting plan often requires patience and communication, but when divorcing couples just can't see eye-to-eye, they should consider these steps.

First, parents should understand what their concerns really are and what it is that they really want. Some divorcing couples will simply dispute endlessly over trivial issues. Parents should write down their major concerns. Making a list also will assist them in fully understanding what they want. They can begin to see what a proposal would look like and how they could voice it. This will not only help them stay on track during mediation, but it is also extremely beneficial when it comes to being flexible and reaching a compromise.

Next, parents should consider including other professionals in the mediation process. For many, this means speaking with a professional counselor. This will not only create value, but could help prepare a spouse for the mediation process. Being knowledgeable about what a spouse is going through could significantly benefit him or her, because he or she will have a better understanding about the process.

Lastly, the reports suggest that parents should talk prior to mediation. Effective communication could help the divorcing spouses reach an agreement prior to mediation. Furthermore, it could uncover new or untouched issues. This could lessen the emotional blow that the process might have, especially if they are able to reach agreements prior to mediation. This not only lowers the emotional impact, but could also lessen the length of time the process takes and even reduce costs.

Going through a divorce is not an easy task, but spouses need to determine what process is best for them. Understanding the process and what steps they should take could benefit everyone involved. Those finding it difficult to move the mediation or collaborative process forward should seek advice about the family law issues they are encountering so that they can reach an amicable agreement.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Confidential: Preparing for Child Custody Mediation," Caroline Chol, May 22, 2014

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