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May 2014 Archives

Three Steps to Take During Divorce Mediation

When couples in Ohio decide they can no longer be together, there are numerous decisions that must be tackled after they file for divorce. Establishing which method to use during the divorce will help determine how you will address these problems. Whether it is litigation, a collaborative divorce or mediation, each process includes steps that a spouse must take during dissolution. These steps could help them better overcome any divorce issues or family law problems, such as child custody.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce: Part 2

Filing for dissolution is seldom an easy task to do. Even if it is an amicable divorce, the process involves many emotions and several steps. This could lead to unexpected complications and disputes surrounding issues they did cover initially. Planning and preparing for divorce is not a simple task, and divorcing couples in Ohio will not often consider all of the various divorce methods available to them. Moreover, working together as a team to achieve a goal does not occur in the typical divorce, but the collaborative divorce process not only can mean fewer arguments but could mean less money spent reaching a divorce settlement.

Daytime Talk Show Host Deals With Divorce and Custody Issues

Couples without children can keep their marital problems to themselves. But when children are involved, marital strife and divorce ultimately impact the entire family. Parental have to make important decisions during this rough time that could significantly alter their relationship with their children. When married couples in Ohio encounter serious marital issues, their next step might be filing for divorce. This decision also requires the divorcing couple to establish a fair child custody arrangement. This task is not so easily accomplished. It can be especially challenging with the child is very young and unable to express an opinion or make a choice in the matter.

Hilary Duff and Estranged Husband Work on Co-Parenting

Dealing with marital problems can be a challenging and emotional process. For some, these issues might transition to the couple seeking separation or filing for divorce. Parents in Ohio understand that the decision to get a divorce is never an easy one, but, when the best interest of the child is concerned, dissolution might be their best option. This could initially lead to disputes concerning child custody, but, if the parents are able to work together and focus on a positive and healthy environment and relationship with the child, they could establish an agreeable and fair custody arrangement.

Potential Divorce Reform Could Harm Collaborative Divorce Methods

For most couples, encountering marital problems are never an easy task to tackle. However, some can work through them together in a fair manner. Married couples in Ohio understand that going through a divorce could mean dealing with several hurdles and disputes when it comes to ironing out all the details. Most would not consider prolonging the process once they have reached an agreeable divorce settlement, but proposed legislation could cause this.

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