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Understanding the process collaborated divorce

Families and married couples in Ohio understand that couples and parents need to work together to reach a common goal. A certain skill is often required to accomplish a healthy and lasting relationship, and, in contrast, that same skill is also needed in dissolution. Collaborative law seeks to add value while also promoting a fair, calm and cost-effective divorce. The key is not only cooperation and working as a team, but also thrives from maintaining and establishing current and future needs and goals.

In order to create a successful collaborative divorce approach, the divorcing spouses must establish a strong team. This means that the couple does not only need to work together, but so does their representation. The idea of co-creating the collaboration is key, which is much different than cooperating. Everyone must agree that they are taking the right steps. This essentially means that each spouse must agree on their representation and what the offer to the situation.

Some couples confuse the purpose of the process, and it does not work in their best interest because they are not willing to be flexible and accommodating to reach current and future goals. This is often because they seek to avoid litigation and the high costs associated with it. This leads to disputes and unwillingness to budge on issues, such as child custody and support. There cannot be a collaborative divorce without collaboration.

Although collaboration and mediation are two methods that could significantly help divorcing couples see the bigger picture, and create a strong divorce settlement, this process is not for everyone. Some couples do not have the amount of communication, patience and drive that is required by these methods. In these cases, different alternatives or litigation are most likely in their best interest.

No matter what dissolution process a couple decides to go with, it is important that they understand what options could be available to them. Gaining independent advice could help ensure that the interests of everyone involved are served and their rights are protected.

Source: The Huffington Post, "What Is "Collaborative Divorce" Without Collaboration?

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