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After two year separation, Arnett and Poehler file for divorce

Sometimes divorce comes suddenly, and sometimes it is expected. Either way, divorce is never an easy process to begin, work through and cope with. Divorcing parents in Cincinnati understand that dissolution means establishing a parenting plan that not only works for the parents but will benefit or have the least negative impact on the children. Disputes often arise in this phase, and reaching a fair and agreeable child custody agreement can be difficult.

Business Asset Distribution and Prenuptial Agreements

Prior to marriage, throughout their union and even through dissolution, couples in Ohio often argue about finances. This is especially true if spouses own a business together. Separating business assets in a divorce could become a very messy and complicated process. Even if they are able to eventually come to terms on the vast majority of their marital property, business assets are left argued over and could prolong the complex divorce situation.

Understanding the process collaborated divorce

Families and married couples in Ohio understand that couples and parents need to work together to reach a common goal. A certain skill is often required to accomplish a healthy and lasting relationship, and, in contrast, that same skill is also needed in dissolution. Collaborative law seeks to add value while also promoting a fair, calm and cost-effective divorce. The key is not only cooperation and working as a team, but also thrives from maintaining and establishing current and future needs and goals.

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