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March 2014 Archives

Dealing with stock options and restricted stock in a divorce

When a couple determines that their marital issues outweigh their happiness, it often means that dissolution is their best option. Married couples in Ohio understand that the divorce process includes numerous challenges and obstacles. A high asset divorce is especially challenging due to potentially complex property division and disputes surrounding marital assets. Divorcing spouses should ensure that they do not overlook any important issues, property or assets during their divorce. This will help promote a more effective and time-efficient resolution of the divorce case.

Including infidelity clauses in prenuptial agreements

When couples in Ohio decide to get married, much thought and decision-making is often included in the process. For some, preparing for marital problems is crucial. Although most people do not like to consider divorce prior to marriage or after only a few years of marriage, the reality is that some couples wisely seek a legal document that will serve their interests and offer protection in the event of a divorce or separation. Including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage may make the divorce process go more smoothly.

Co-Parenting and Monitoring a Child's Technology Use

Parents in Ohio understand that raising a child is anything but easy, even if it is a joyous experience. Parenting issues and challenges are often magnified in the divorce process. Not only are parents often attempting to establish a fair child custody arrangement, but they are often also seeking to maintain their parenting skills and status as a parent. At times, emotions and disputes can get the best of a spouse, and they could fuel wrong or improper behavior. Children are often used as pawns in a game of spite and anger by a parent who is trying to make parenting more challenging for their ex-spouse. Such actions can make it difficult for everyone involved.

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