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January 2014 Archives

Divorce Myths Debunked

If you were one of the many people who decided to file for divorce in January (after all, this is the month where more divorces are initiated than any other), you have probably encountered some strong opinions about your decision. Some may believe that you should have tried harder to save the marriage, others will wonder how it will affect the children (if there are kids in the marriage). Regardless of what people say, few can understand the difficulty of being in a dying marriage than those who are in them.

How is child support calculated in Ohio

The question of how much a parent may pay (or receive) in child support is a common question in Ohio divorces, as well as custody disputes (for unmarried couples with children). Through this post, we will give a basic primer on how child support is calculated.

Dealing with a Former Spouse's Tax Issues

Avoiding tax time drama is one of the things that divorcees may not think about when first planning for divorce, but it could be a real issue once it is time to file tax returns. This could be especially important for parties who had no input or financial contributions towards the couple's income, and would have no idea if the filing they signed were correct. Under federal law, these people can be held jointly liable for tax fraud, even though they were unwitting participants. In these situations, it is important to understand the defenses to such a crime.

Minding Children's Feelings During Divorce

With January being the most prevalent month for divorces to be initiated, many of the unnamed (and silent) victims of divorce are children. In so many instances, children are not given a voice (or a choice) in the breakup of their families and are forced to live with the reality of being shuttled between homes.

Helpful Tips for New Year's Resolutions

January is arguably the most popular month for divorces for a reason. Many people in troubled marriages have survived another tumultuous holiday season and want to move on in the New Year, and some believe that life-changing actions must be taken quickly if they are to make any changes at all in 2014.

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