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If You Are Thinking about Divorce During the Holidays, Read This

There are a number of reasons why people get stressed out during the holidays. Some worry about being able to afford presents (or trying to buy a popular toy that quickly goes out of stock), others worry about being able to stand pretentious in-laws. Yet some people worry about keeping secrets; specifically those in troubled relationships.

Those who are contemplating divorce during the holidays often have a substantial weight of guilt upon them. On the one hand, they don't want to continue in a relationship that is about as genuine as a reality show. On the other hand, they don't want to spoil the holidays for other family members (especially children) by initiating a divorce.

So what is a person in this position to do?

Of course, preparation is the key in any major life decision, and divorce is no different. A recent article had some poignant suggestions that we will share here.

Essentially, potential divorcees should not let the guilt of an impending split persuade them into making promises that they cannot keep (or making purchases they cannot afford). So there is no sense in promising that January trip to the in-laws or buying additional presents to make up for the potential pain family members may feel when the divorce is announced.

Also, potential divorcees should gather information to help an attorney understand what assets may be considered marital property (which would be subject to divorce) and the scope of income so that a discussion about temporary support could be had. Further, it is helpful to get as much information about the divorce process as possible. This can help in deciding how much you are likely to spend, and how long the process is likely to take.

Source:, "That special time of year: Holidays mean waiting to divorce," Morghan Leia Richardson, November 19, 2013

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