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November 2013 Archives

If You Are Thinking about Divorce During the Holidays, Read This

There are a number of reasons why people get stressed out during the holidays. Some worry about being able to afford presents (or trying to buy a popular toy that quickly goes out of stock), others worry about being able to stand pretentious in-laws. Yet some people worry about keeping secrets; specifically those in troubled relationships.

How Grandparents Can Navigate Custody Battles

If you are a grandparent and your child is going through a divorce or custody battle, asking to spend time with your grandchildren can be a difficult conversation to have. On the one hand, you may feel as if you are taking sides (and want to avoid doing so); but on the other hand, you don't want to forfeit your relationship with your grandchild.

Dad Faulted for Refusing to Take Son to McDonalds

If you are walking on eggshells because of an upcoming custody evaluation, you are not alone. Evaluations can be intimidating and have an air of unfairness because after all, one person's opinion of parenting may be different from another's. Also, the evaluator's opinion can hold considerable power and influence a family court judge. Even more troubling, a situation that upsets a child could be taken out of context or blown out of proportion.

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