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Why Counseling Can Help Children of Divorce

For those going through a divorce, the emotional issues that parents must deal with are difficult enough. However, many parents do not consider (or are simply unaware of) the pain that children go through when their parents call it quits. After all, parents are the foundation of a child's life; and when they go their separate ways, children may feel as if their world is coming apart, and they cannot do anything about it.

Because of this, it is prudent for parents to think about getting counseling for children who may be experiencing emotional difficulties during a divorce. It's not that kids are mentally unstable to begin with. Rather, having an outlet to express difficult feelings has a number of benefits.

First and foremost, counseling will help to develop the self-esteem and self-confidence that kids of divorce will need. After all, many kids blame themselves and believe that they are the reason for their parents' breakup. With that, children of divorce may feel worthless (when they are not), and these feelings may lead to destructive behavior. It is common for children of divorce to have behavior problems at school, to become depressed and to rebel against a parent (or both).

Moreover, kids (especially young children) will learn that it is okay to love both parents, and that they do not have to choose sides.

Most importantly. counseling can give children the foundation they need to work through difficulties with other people (and potential mates) so that they may avoid the same mistakes their parents may have made. If you have questions about counseling, an experienced attorney can help.

Source:, Kids in the middle-support during divorce, September 27, 2013

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