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The Rumors Are Verified: Bruce and Kris Jenner to Separate

The tabloid rumors have finally come to fruition for Bruce and Kris Jenner. According to a number of media sources, the pair are separating after 22 years of marriage. The pair has become famous (or infamous depending on your view of reality TV) through the hit E! Network show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

It has long been rumored that Bruce has not been happy with the family's lives (especially him) being an open book for millions of viewers to see. His profanity laced tirade against photographers last week exemplified his attitude about being the subject of so much media attention.

Nevertheless, the embattled couple released a statement regarding their split, in which they explained how they are living separately, that they still love and respect each other, and that their children will remain a priority.

There are no reports that a divorce petition has been filed yet. If and when one is filed, the division of the parties' assets will garner substantial attention. A number of media outlets have speculated that the Jenners' have a fortune worth more than $120 million. Moreover, it is rumored that the parties have no prenuptial agreement.

This could be an important consideration given the nature of how property must be divided upon divorce. Under Ohio law, the marital estate is divided according to the doctrine of equitable distribution. Essentially, the estate is divided according to what is fair to both parties. (Of course, their property division agreement will be governed by California law.) Considering how they amassed a fortune during the course of the marriage, it will be interesting to see how royalties from the reality show will be divided.

Source:, Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner split after 22 years of marriage, October 8, 2013

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