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October 2013 Archives

What happens if one spouse does not want to be divorced?

As divorce attorneys, we sometimes receive questions about what would happen if a spouse who did not want a divorce was served with a divorce petition. Could the spouse ignore it and still hold out hope for the marriage? Could the marriage still be valid from a religious standpoint even though legal papers have been filed?

The Rumors Are Verified: Bruce and Kris Jenner to Separate

The tabloid rumors have finally come to fruition for Bruce and Kris Jenner. According to a number of media sources, the pair are separating after 22 years of marriage. The pair has become famous (or infamous depending on your view of reality TV) through the hit E! Network show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Why Counseling Can Help Children of Divorce

For those going through a divorce, the emotional issues that parents must deal with are difficult enough. However, many parents do not consider (or are simply unaware of) the pain that children go through when their parents call it quits. After all, parents are the foundation of a child's life; and when they go their separate ways, children may feel as if their world is coming apart, and they cannot do anything about it.

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