What Are Your Goals In Divorce?

No one wants to need a divorce lawyer. But when you find yourself going through the termination of your marriage, there are legal options that put you in a better position than others. Your divorce can have long-term ramifications for your family life, your finances and your living situation.

At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, we are a solutions-oriented law firm that has represented the interests of Cincinnati residents in divorce for decades. That means our sole focus is to find practical and effective resolutions to all of the issues in divorce. Whether you are going through a contested divorce or want a more collaborative dissolution of your marriage, we take the time to listen to where you want to be post-divorce, and then we provide legal options and work diligently for you to get there.

Why Choose Us?

We are your law firm if you are looking for:

  • Tailored representation that takes your situation into account
  • Practical solutions to legal and financial issues
  • A law firm that is experienced in divorce after 50
  • A lawyer who will listen to your questions, concerns and goals
  • Experience and a history of getting results for clients

Integrity And Results

We want you to have the final say when it comes to making legal decisions about your future, and we want you to be fully informed about your options. We are committed to giving you the information you need to feel confident and comfortable at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.

We want to be there for you and your family, and we can be. With years of experience in family law, we can navigate you through divorce, property division, custody, and more with efficiency and empathy. Our attorneys will treat your family as if it were our own, always keeping your children and family members in mind.

Schedule your initial consultation today at our convenient and comfortable Montgomery office by calling 513-924-4014 or reach us online.