Legal Counsel From Seasoned Cincinnati Adoption Lawyers

Counsel from Seasoned Cincinnati Adoption Lawyers

Adoption allows families to expand, whether bringing a new child into the home or simply making a statement that a step-parent is stepping in as the legal parent. If you would like to adopt your step-child, King, Koligian & Associates, LLC can walk you through this complicated and intricate process. Our goal is to make sure we carry the legal burden so you can focus on caring for your family.

  • Some reasons step-parents pursue adoption:
  • Power to make decisions on behalf of step-children (medical care, school, religion, etc.)
  • Demonstrates a love for the child
  • Provides security and sense of belonging
  • Formalizes the relationship
  • In the event of a divorce, the step-parent can still have rights

Ready to pursue step-parent adoption? Our Cincinnati step-parent adoption attorneys can walk you through the process.

Requirements in Step-Parent Adoptions

At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, we specifically limit our adoption practice to focus on step-parent adoptions. This type of adoption allows a step-parent to adopt a minor child of their current spouse from a previous marriage.

  • Requirements for these types of adoptions:
  • Step-parent must be married to the parent
  • Child has been living with the couple six or more months
  • Home study must typically be completed
  • Child's consent (typically 12+ years old)
  • Other parent must be provided notice of the adoption
  • Consent of the other parent may be required in some cases

Have questions regarding step-parent adoption? Ready to discuss your case with a qualified family law attorney in Cincinnati? Our firm has years of combined experience and insight and can guide you through this time.

Offering Counsel Throughout Cincinnati or Montgomery

Step-parent adoptions can be a wonderful way to create a legal relationship between step-parents and their step-children. Whether you wish to gain more legal control over your step-child's life as a normal parent or would like to demonstrate your love for your step-child, our firm is here to assist you with the adoption process.

We are proud of the role we play in the creation of these new legal families. Contact our Cincinnati step-parent adoption lawyers at 513-924-4014.