Establishing Paternity In Ohio

Ohio law gives both legal obligations and legal rights to fathers. At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, we are a respected and established Montgomery family law firm with the breadth and depth of knowledge you need to navigate the legal system and ultimately care for your children.

Our goal is to preserve and protect family relationships. We have done so for decades, and we are ready to negotiate with the other party or go to court when necessary.

Are You A Father Looking To Establish Paternity?

When a father isn't married to the mother of his child, he will not automatically have parental rights unless he has established them through the paternity process. For this reason, it is important for a father to establish paternity as soon as possible in a child's life to ensure fair visitation and custody rights are given to him. Waiting can lead to complications down the road if partners decide to split up without establishing paternity. It is particularly important if the children are in a more nurturing environment with the father than the mother.

If you are a father unsure of paternity or in need of securing parental rights, talk to our firm. We can help you assess the situation and determine what steps need to be taken to protect your parental rights as a father. Likewise, if you are considering permanently severing legal ties with your child, always discuss this step with a legal professional before proceeding.

Are You Seeking Child Support?

Regardless of the relationship or marital status of the mother and father, fathers must legally support their children. If you are a mother seeking financial help from the father, and the father has not acknowledged paternity, the first step is to establish legal paternity. This can be done through DNA testing.

Once established, the court will award child support based on state guidelines.

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Disputes and legal issues concerning paternity are often difficult and contentious. If you are looking for help in establishing paternity, contact our firm online or by calling 513-924-4014 or emailing us today.