Establishing Grandparents Rights In Ohio

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When a child goes through divorce, a parent can often experience many of the same challenges and complex emotions throughout the process. This is especially true when those parents are grandparents of children involved in a serious custody battle. Grandparents can endure a uniquely trying time, as their time with their grandchildren is severely cut down, if not limited altogether.

As a grandparent, we understand that you may be concerned over how often-if at all-you will be able to see your grandchildren following a divorce or separation. You may even be concerned about the financial support provided to your grandchildren and their current custody situation. If you need to pursue visitation with or custody of grandchildren, King, Koligian & Associates, LLC can guide you through this time.

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Explaining Grandparents' Rights

In certain cases, extended family may be granted access to the children of the parents they are related to in the event of divorce. The court will take into consideration many factors when making this determination.

  • Some issues that may lead to grandparents obtaining custody:
  • Substance abuse by parents
  • Domestic violence or abuse in the household
  • Lack of financial means to support children
  • Parent(s) have mental health or medical issues
  • Death of one or both parents

Whether due to divorce or tragic circumstances, grandparents seeking custody or visitation should always consult with a trusted family law attorney with the experience to help. Our team works with grandparents who wish to maintain their bond with grandchildren, as well as those seeking custody in serious circumstances. We can petition for visitation with grandchildren (companionship) or help you pursue full custody depending on your situation.

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At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, we understand the complex statutes outlining grandparents' rights in the state of Ohio. We can take the time to explain these laws to you and ensure you have a full understanding of your legal options during this time. In fact, we have even successfully defended the change or circumstances test as applied to grandparents before the Ohio Supreme Court.

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