Protecting Children And Preserving Relationships Throughout Your Legal Matter

Few legal matters are pleasant. But when minor children are involved in a child custody dispute, the stress level rises considerably. During one of the most difficult periods of your life, it helps to have a reliable, solutions-oriented and ethical advocate on your side. At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions that promote the best interests of your entire family.

Insight And Experience In Complex Child Custody Cases

With decades of combined experience, our child custody lawyers know what you are facing. That is why we focus on finding practical solutions to difficult issues. From crafting a shared parenting plan that works for all parties to fighting vigorously for the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren, we help families through a difficult time by always focusing on your goals and legal needs.

Tailoring Our Representation To Your Needs

In our experience, getting the right legal representation in a child custody dispute requires a trusting attorney-client relationship in which there is open and honest communication about your goals and situation. In some cases, a collaborative approach works best, so that both parents can work together to raise children and there is adequate visitation time for the noncustodial parent. In other cases, however, you need aggressive representation to protect your rights to see your children or to ensure your children are in a safe and healthy environment.

In either situation, the attorneys at King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, are ready to tailor their representation to what you need. Veteran trial attorneys, we can be relentless when pursuing a fair outcome and we are comfortable in the courtroom. When possible, however, we are happy to be as effective as possible in negotiating a solution.

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