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Whether you are just starting to have children or have grandchildren and other loved ones to think about, having an estate plan in place can be extremely important. At King, Koligian & Associates, LLC, our Cincinnati estate planning lawyers are here to help you create a plan that allows your heirs to avoid the costly, time-consuming, and complicated litigation and probate process that can often follow if an estate plan isn't put in place. Taking a thorough approach can help not only curb these issues, but give your loved ones clarity following your death.

Your estate plan is too important to leave to a cookie-cutter formula or ineffective will kit-contact our dedicated legal team to discuss your plan today. We can review your goals, assets, and family situation to ensure your estate plan takes all these matters into careful consideration. From developing simple wills to detailed trusts, our legal professionals utilize our experience to protect your legacy for generations to come.

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Why Create an Estate Plan?

An estate plan can help you establish a documented plan should you pass away or become incapacitated. While most people don't like to think about this topic, it is important that you at least have a plan in place so that your loved ones can have peace of mind and know your wishes were followed. It is never too soon to begin planning, so even if you are young and just started settling down with a family, the estate planning process is important to your future.

Creating Effective Wills & Trusts

Our wills and trusts practice is primarily focused on planning for the future. We work closely with our clients to craft wills and trusts that accurately reflect their personal situation and wishes in regards to the distribution of their assets. We also handle durable powers of attorney and provide guidance to grandparents wishing to set up trusts and / or powers of attorney for their grandchildren.

You shouldn't wait for a major event to happen before you start thinking about crafting your will or trust-it is never too early to plan ahead! Creating a will is also much easier and more economical than you might think.

  • Why you need an attorney to help you create a will / trust:
  • Makes certain your wishes are carefully carried out with accuracy
  • Ensures potential disputes or issues are minimized
  • Thinks through options you may not have considered
  • Can help you avoid costly mistakes that may lead to invalidation of your will / more expensive contest between family
  • Checks that the will form is current and up to date for the state of Ohio
  • Helps you create a document that navigates around the probate process

What Should You Prepare Before Meeting with an Attorney?

Prior to your initial consultation with a Cincinnati estate planning lawyer, you should make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Try to compile a list of objectives you have for your will, as well as the assets you currently have and who those assets should go to. Take the time to think through your family members and what role you would like them to play in order to make the most of your meeting-if you plan this out ahead of time, your consultation can be much more efficiently and cost-savings.

Remember, creating a will is a safe way to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Planning ahead can prepare you for the unexpected tomorrow. Let King, Koligian & Associates, LLC walk you through this process.

Contact Our Estate Planning Firm for Counsel

For years, our legal team has been guiding residents of Cincinnati and Montgomery navigate complex estate planning matters. We provide trusted counsel for wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, and a broad range of family law matters.

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