Aggressively Protecting Your Financial Future

Aggressive Legal Advocacy for Divorce Cases in Ohio

It can, unfortunately, be common for one spouse to make the division of property more difficult by trying to hide assets. The objective of this is to justify offering a lower financial settlement by stating they have fewer assets to divide with their ex-spouse. This can create a great deal of a financial stress for the person who might be unaware that they are entitled to more resources. Enlisting the help of an experienced divorce attorney in Cincinnati can help you uncover the assets you can have the rights to. Our legal professionals at King, Koligian & Associates, LLC can provide you with patient, experienced, and detailed representation to help find hidden assets.

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Methods for Revealing Hidden Assets

  • Our legal team can discover hidden assets when our clients provide us with:
  • You spouse's debts
  • Copies of tax returns
  • Copies of current bank statements
  • Children's bank account information
  • Any changes to your spouse's salary, bonuses or employment

Potential Penalties for Hidden Assets

In the event that hidden assets are discovered, the offending party can face serious penalties. These penalties can include things like fines, attorney's fees, and the dismissal of their claim. Should assets be discovered after the divorce is finalized, it is possible to ask to re-litigate the case and have the offending party pay restitution.

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